Handicap Placard Abuse – the Movie


Just when you think we’re almost civilized, I couldn’t help but notice that my street, in the lower east side of Beverley Hills, aka Carthay Circle, seems to be a parking lot for the disabled. It’s a quiet, tree lined street situated behind the office towers on Wilshire Boulevard. Because of the proximity to these office buildings, there is “permit parking” for residents (and their guests) only from 8am to 6pm. That’s primarily so the residents of these vintage, upper middle class single family homes and their guest(s) can park. Otherwise, we’d be overrun by people who would rather not pay the parking fees in the more than ample parking structures and adjacent lots.

permit parking sign and handicap placard abuser

Handicap Placard Abuse

Why a disabled person would want to park a block away is subject to speculation. Parking so far away when there are handicap spots right outside the door of their destination (by law)  is an indication of “handicap placard abuse”. The problem is, not enough manpower to enforce the laws regarding the the privilege afforded those who genuinely need the access.

Most of these abusers appear to be office workers, because these vehicles park all day in spite of of the permit parking signs.

cars with foreign consulate plates abusing restricted street parking

How cheap can you get?

And don’t get me goin on the consulate tags. Are these foreign entities so cheap they cant afford parking for their intelligence agents? (you should see these guys! Every spy a prince!)