She LikesTo Go

Why guys refer to objects in the feminine, I’ll never know. But I gotta tell ya, she loves to go. Fast.
Like a sailor talks about his boat, my baby just wants to go. “My Baby” is a red 2004 Harley Davidson FXSTi softail custom – 88 cubic inches of fuel injected go-fast.

115mph Fully Loaded

Without breakin’ a sweat. Hit the entrance ramp and just turn up the wick. Like a Marshall stack on 11, 115 comes easy. Then when I settle into a mellow 80 mph in the right lane, everybody blows by me like I’m grandma on a Sunday drive.
It appears I’m not the only one who likes to go 100 mph daily.


When you cross the colorado river, the mountains take on a whole new character. Much more rugged and jagged, with buttes and mesas. And the cactus! Just like on TV. It’s been 20 years since I’ve been down this stretch of road.

Nice ride.
Day 1


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