The original “about” when i started this 4 years ago…

100 MPH Daily

“a Professional Harley Rider in Los Angeles – Adventure daily and 100 mph + at least once a day on my big 88 cubic inch Harley Softail. This blog is recorded ramblings and assorted adrenalin fueled thoughts in the daily life of a motorcycle messenger, the places I go, the people I meet and how I got this way. Part travelogue, part zen meditation, all true. From A-list residences to inside the big movie and recording studios and the banks that finance them, who’s fighting over what in the courts and strange things in the sky. Come with me to places you’d never go, and people you’d never meet in the course of your daily life, the folks behind the curtain, in this miraculous metropolis known as El Lay. Cheers!”

That was then… now (2012) I’ve morphed into a web designer with the Google mojo. see to get an idea of whats been happenin over the past couple years nickswebworks.com seo web design blog

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